Dog aggression is a growing epidemic. It seems like every day, people are asking how to address their dog’s aggression toward people and dogs alike. Whether it stems from fear, general reactivity issues, or frustration, collectively, dog aggression comes from a lack of training altogether. Today, I’d like to address dog-on-dog aggression specifically and the reasons why a dog can become aggressive

At some point, your dog learned that in order to get a desirable reaction from you (like attention or getting let out of the crate) all they needed to do was bark and if the first few barks didn’t work, to just persist and keep barking (possibly louder). Pretty smart, right? Dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit. Check out my tips to get them to stop this behavior below..

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Ever feel like you and your dog are not on the same page? Maybe you feel overrun and frustrated by your dog’s behavior and just want some clarity on the matter. Well, you’re in the right place, and in this post, I plan to cover some basic, practical concepts that can make you and your dog’s life a little easier.

Something to consider is just how cuddly they can be..

So, you’ve decided to add a furry companion to your life and are wondering where to start in the thinking process of getting a dog. First of all, good for you! How exciting and wonderful! You have also come to the right place! In this article, I will discuss many important things to consider when making the decision of getting a dog and many of the obligations that come along with it. In short, all the things I wish someone would have sat down and discussed with me.


After moving into a tiny house, we’ve found that it is a little more challenging to stay warm in below freezing temperatures. While it is certainly not as cold here in Georgia as it is in other parts of the world, a windy 20 degrees is still a chilly 20 degrees, no matter where you are. With that being said, Piper (my dog) and I have found a few, creative ways to keep ourselves warm that we’d like to share with you. Check them out below:

Scared DOGS

So, you brought home a new dog and have noticed that they are fearful of a lot of things, if not, everything. They didn’t seem this way when they were at the shelter, breeder, friend’s house, etc.. and you want to know what you can do to help them. Well, you’ve come to the right place, and today, we answer this question with ways you can help your dog become comfortable in their new home. Check them out below!

dogs-on-a-leash-540x268Does your dog react strongly to other dogs and not in a good way? Are you constantly on alert, always making sure to not run into other dogs while you’re out and about with yours? Well, today, I share some insight and things I’ve learned from Piper, my dog, who was dog aggressive when I first got her. After some time, patience, and strategic training, I was able to fully rehabilitate her. She now readily embraces new friends! Check out some tips and insights on how I was able to help my dog with aggression issues below.


If  you’ve done any research on this particular topic, you’ll find a lot of differing opinions. Believe it or not, whether or not to let your dog sleep in bed with you is a hotly debated topic in the dog training world. Some trainers claim that allowing your dog to sleep in bed with you will create dominance and possessiveness issues with your dog. Others will claim that it is a vital part of training to let your dog sleep in bed with you at night. As for Piper (my dog) and I, we have our own take on the matter, and from our experience, think there are a few questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not to allow your dog to sleep with you. Check out our thoughts below.